Scope & Broad Guidelines
  • Develop appropriate technology for cost-effective production of quality steel with indigenous raw material, including utilization of low grade resources in an environment friendly manner
  • Develop indigenous capabilities for design/engineering and equipment manufacturing for steel plants
  • Evolve R&D programs of national importance, as per guidelines of SRTMI, covering all areas from ore to products, including energy, environment and design
  • To facilitate establishment of international benchmarks and best practices
  • To step up R&D investments for the steel sector to 1% of turnover in a phased manner
  • Augment human resource development to facilitate R&D programs of national importance
  • Collaborate and seek technical support/services from other organizations in India or abroad, as per perceived needs and aspirations of the Indian steel industry
  • Create national “Institutes on Steel Technology” to promote post graduate programs and research in steel technology
  • Promote a model for industry – R&D organization – academia collaboration for promotion of innovations, cutting-edge research and partnership in India and abroad.