SRTMI is a dedicated platform created for undertaking development of disruptive and cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of the Indian lron &Steel industry. The platform is a joint initiative taken by the Indian Steel industry with support from Ministry of Steel,  Government of India. SRTMI will work to identify the R&D needs of the country in lron & Steel Sector as a whole, and prioritise R&D programmes of national importance. It will also assess and augment the existing R&D infrastructure including Human Resource and identify/ address the gaps, if any. 

Two new platforms, namely Steel Industry-Academia Interface (SIAI) and Operating Committee on R&D have been created, which will have a symbiotic relationship with SRTMI. These two platforms will facilitate activities of SRTMI through identification and implementation of R&D programmes of national importance. SIAI will also help in synergising the efforts of the academic institutes with R&D organisations and industry through creation of a sustainable network of expertise and development of a human ecosystem to foster cooperative research and disruptive technology development.

The operating committee on R&D comprises the heads of R&D of major steel industries and R&D organisations. This committee will fulfil the need of an expert pool, which will advise SRTMI on identification and implementation of major R&D programmes with high impact.